Surreal art by designer Jati Putra

Jati Putra is a graphic designer who uses simple techniques to create mindblowing art. He manipulates photos in ways that bend reality and present it as if everything is backwards or upside-down. It’s the real world we know and live in but suddenly the sidewalk ends and continues downwards at a 90-degree angle. It feels natural and scary at the same time but the confusion passes when you scroll past several photos and find yourself with your jaw open. Maybe the best way to describe Jati’s art through a movie analogy is “Inception meets Doctor Strange” – buildings and streets bending up and down while the people go on through it as if everything’s normal. The designer’s grasp of the modern surreal art is dreamy and creative while he obviously likes practicing it on peaceful landscapes and urban photos. You can see more of his photos below.

This picture holds the signature mark of his art – a peaceful landscape, bent on both ends at 90-degrees, creating a box-effect. Imagine living in that neat farmhouse right there in the middle – you could go on with your everyday life and whenever you wish to check on your neighbors, you just look up.

Another favorite object to bend is the ocean. Jati loves twisting the beach and shore as if the water is all around – not threatening but calm and peaceful.

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