Batman v Superman tattoos

The long-awaited movie is just around the corner but we are treating you to a clash between Batman and Superman right now. Well, a clash in the form of tattoo collections anyway but still worth it. The hype is getting bigger and we already have some pieces picturing the battle between those two childhood superheroes. One is a masked billionaire in black and the other is an alien, amazingly, still hiding his identity by a mere pair of nerdy glasses. We can’t wait to see who shall prevail, the acrobatic technique of the bat or the sheer might of the son Krypton; or they would actually have to unite for the greater good. You will find out on March 25th for US and UK.

We have prepared an epic compilation of Batman and Superman tattoos for your pleasure and inspiration. There is no doubt that most of them are going to be epic, breathtaking, capturing both heroes’ principles, honor, morale and pure awesomeness of course. Both heroes have them and stand firmly behind what they believe. And that is why no one would back down. Which one do you prefer – Batman or Superman?

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batman_v_superman_tattoos-stanisi 6

Batman v Superman v Spiderman?

Let us know in the comments which ones did you like.