The Walled Off hotel by Banksy

“The worst view in the world” – Banksy

Banksy is an anonymous graffiti artist from England. Their art is found through many cities around the world and the graffiti can be influenced by political stances. Banksy’s work is controversial and sprinkled with dark humor and now we’re introduced to the Walled Off hotel which by itself is a tremendous achievement and a fine piece of art.

The hotel is based in Bethlehem, Palestine and includes art by Banksy, Sami Musa and Dominique Petrin who have all customized guest rooms. Most of the rooms include a floor to ceiling graffiti pieces and are equipped with Wi-fi, fridge, safe and air conditioning. The view is something every prestigious hotel takes pride in – here you have a view of the army watchtower. Read more

Surreal art by designer Jati Putra

Jati Putra is a graphic designer who uses simple techniques to create mindblowing art. He manipulates photos in ways that bend reality and present it as if everything is backwards or upside-down. It’s the real world we know and live in but suddenly the sidewalk ends and continues downwards at a 90-degree angle. It feels natural and scary at the same time but the confusion passes when you scroll past several photos and find yourself with your jaw open. Maybe the best way to describe Jati’s art through a movie analogy is “Inception meets Doctor Strange” – buildings and streets bending up and down while the people go on through it as if everything’s normal. The designer’s grasp of the modern surreal art is dreamy and creative while he obviously likes practicing it on peaceful landscapes and urban photos. You can see more of his photos below. Read more

Batman v Superman tattoos

The long-awaited movie is just around the corner but we are treating you to a clash between Batman and Superman right now. Well, a clash in the form of tattoo collections anyway but still worth it. The hype is getting bigger and we already have some pieces picturing the battle between those two childhood superheroes. One is a masked billionaire in black and the other is an alien, amazingly, still hiding his identity by a mere pair of nerdy glasses. We can’t wait to see who shall prevail, the acrobatic technique of the bat or the sheer might of the son Krypton; or they would actually have to unite for the greater good. You will find out on March 25th for US and UK.

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The Ibis Styles hotel in Lviv

The Ibis Styles hotel in Lviv - StanisiThis is the Ibis Styles hotel in Lviv, Ukraine. It is designed by the polish studio EC-5 Architects and aims to capture the cultural and historical aspects of the city in a fresh and modern way. The colors are vivid and suitable for the simple design ideas behind the project. Most of the floors and walls are covered by geometrical patterns, once again brightly colored.

The Ibis Styles in Lviv is part of the Ibis chain, which has almost 300 hotels in 25 countries around the world. The chain prides itself with the distinguished, unique design of its hotels – every one of them represents the history and cultural points of the city it is based in. For example, each floor of the Ibis Styles hotel in Lviv is inspired by the every-day life in the city. There are the bicycles, the railway and the city’s coat of arms lion. See the photos below for the full tour. Read more

Industrial style apartment

Industrial-style-apartment-stanisi-1Interior design can be hard, especially if you’re going for something half-modern, half-you. Everyone wants to be trendy and have the latest and greatest in furniture and decor ideas but sometimes less is better. We are going to show you an apartment which is actually a redesigned industrial space. This is a growing trend with the decreasing availability of housing spaces and to be honest, provides excellent creativity opportunities.

We can see rough walls, exposed bricks and coated steel all around this magnificent apartment, designed to appeal to the artsy, dark-ish side of you. The design is minimal – exposed metal and high-hanging lamps everywhere make you feel like in a storage room, or an emptied factory. However, the modern furniture and vibrant decorations here and there contrast to the cold grey of the metal and bring some live to the place. The fire escape styled staircase and net fences are a really nice touch. You also have an office space and a kitchen with lots of cabinet space.

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15 magical winter photos

Warning – read this post under a warm blanket.

Winter is a magical season – holidays, hot chocolate, winds blowing while being snug in front of the hearth with a good book; and if we put aside all the cold and northern currents, we can observe some stunningly beautiful landscapes. Snow and ice fusing together to paint intricate pictures over evergreen trees and mighty mountains. And all that is just outside your town – wait for a sunny morning after that snow’s had the time to cover the landscape, grab a camera and go outside. We’ve also prepared some inspiration for that – below you can see 15 amazing winter photos that will make you put pull a blanket.

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Red foxes – crimson spirits in the snow

The red fox is one of the widespread animals in the wild. Famous for their cunning nature and adaptiveness, they hunt alone and can often be seen sneaking in the tall grass by the country roads. Most of them have fur in the shades of red and brown, with a long bushy tail tipped with white. The species have spread even through the north and arctic regions where the photographer Roeselien Raimond has captured their gracious steps through the snow.

Red foxes

Red fox sitting peacefully in the snow.

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15 breathtaking views from around the world

We live in our homes, full of sunshine pouring through the windows; and maybe most of you have a balcony where you can go out with a Manhattan and your Kindle to try and enjoy that last hours of the weekend when the sun is almost below the horizon and its crimson light reflects on the clouds far above.

And suddenly everything is ruined because you live in the central parts of the city and the buildings are so close together that the majestic view of the sun’s dive is replaced by the opposite balcony and your neighbor who’s had the sudden urge to light the barbecue and is now gently flipping burgers with a spatula. So you actually get burnt meat smell instead of crimson light and the sight of the neighbor, surreptitiously scratching himself with the aforementioned spatula over his white-ish tanktop plus the occasional burp from all the beer he’s drank. Not pretty.

Below you can see fifteen, somehow better, views and landscapes, taken from various homes around the world.

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Bring your home to life with these adorable animal stickers

Door and wall stickersIf you’re looking for some fresh ideas on how to liven up your home and make it more entertaining for your children, this might be the perfect solution. These creative stickers will turn your doors into an adorable character; for example, it would be really fun to walk by a smooshy Jack Russell nose every day. The possibilities are endless and up to your own creativity – there may be be a dragon lurking behind the potted plants, or a tiger, keeping you company while you drink your morning coffee. It is amazing how something so simple can spread such joy through the whole family. You can even design your own characters and use some paint to create your own unique door buddy.

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Stylish and practical tiny apartment

Stylish and practical tiny apartment 1This studio is designed over the modest 34 square meters. It does not offer much space but has the full functionality of a normal home. The simple vintage interior is designed to appeal to the hipster side in you but a quick look around rends the place suitable for every taste and lifestyle. It is perfect for a couple who don’t mind climbing to the second level to get to the bed. Yes, the bed is right above the living room, accessible through a ladder – there is no wall or screen to divide the rooms so you’ll really feel that open plan when your better half is gently dozing on the upper floor while you’re working on the sofa.

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